The African Eye Foundation aims to provide world-class ophthalmology care to those who need it the most. Founded in 2010 by South African ophthalmologists, Dr Andrew Boliter and Dr Stephen Cook, the African Eye Foundation facilitates the provision of humanitarian eye care in the poorest of South Africa’s provinces, the Eastern Cape, where a backlog of over 25 000 people wait for simple cataract operations to restore their vision. Against a backdrop of unequal access to quality health care, where many years of under-investment in state health facilities has led to a situation where there is a lack of staff, equipment and supplies, the African Eye Foundation aims to improve the level of eye care in the Eastern Cape.

Without generous funding, thousands who would otherwise not receive treatment will go blind. The unnecessary suffering can be avoided. With your assistance the African Eye Foundation can continue to offer much needed services to those who need it the most.


We provide vitreoretinal surgery and cataract removal to prevent unnecessary blindness.


We train doctors and nurses in a facility that is equipped with the latest equipment available worldwide.

Early Detection

Blindness from diabetic retinopathy can be reduced by up to 90% by timely laser treatment.

Thank You For Donating

Thank you for your generosity in assisting the African Eye Foundation to restore dignity and create the possibility of quality of life. All funds raised are invested in eye screening, sight-restoring eye surgeries and training.

The African Eye Foundation is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation which means that all individuals, trusts, companies and cc’s registered as taxpayers in South Africa may claim the amount of their donation against their taxable income. Donors should however seek tax advice prior to the payment of a substantial donation in order to ensure the tax efficiency thereof.

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